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In a world without automobiles, we'd be missing out on more than just convenience and self-expression — our cars are often our livelihoods and passions. When these crucial parts of our lives start to falter, the stress can be overwhelming. That's exactly why we, at Benchmark Transmission & Auto Care in Newark, Delaware, are committed to more than just providing top-notch transmission repair services. We aim to make your entire experience with us as straightforward and stress–free as possible.

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Unbeaten Transmission Expertise

At Benchmark Transmission & Auto Care in Newark, Delaware, we take pride in our exceptional team of automotive professionals, each bringing their unique expertise and dedication to our valued customers. Our crew comprises experienced service advisors, skilled technicians, and a management team rich in industry knowledge, all devoted to providing unmatched auto care services. Upon your visit, our service advisors welcome you with warmth and professionalism, ready to accurately identify and address your vehicle's needs with precision and speed. They act as your personal liaison, smoothly guiding you to the optimal automotive solutions. Our technicians, the backbone of our operations, are armed with cutting-edge tools and a deep understanding of a wide array of automotive services, from routine maintenance to complex repairs. Our management team diligently ensures that our high standards for quality and customer satisfaction are consistently met. At Benchmark Transmission & Auto Care, we're not just focused on servicing vehicles; we're committed to surpassing your expectations with every visit.

Newark's First–Class Transmission Shop

Founded in 1967, Benchmark Transmission & Auto Care embarked on a mission to offer affordable, high–quality, and trustworthy auto repair services. We've not only fulfilled this mission but have exceeded it, dedicating ourselves entirely to every customer who entrusts their vehicle's transmission to us in Newark, Delaware. No matter the scope of maintenance or repair needed, our unwavering commitment to outstanding customer service has propelled us into the thriving transmission repair business we are today.

Expert Auto Repair & Service

From simple inspections and regular upkeep to comprehensive overhauls and component replacements, Benchmark Transmission & Auto Care in Newark, Delaware, covers nearly every service a local transmission place can provide. Upon your vehicle's arrival at our facility, we perform a thorough diagnostic inspection, giving our team a clear picture of your transmission's status and a precise understanding of any issues you report at drop–off. Following your go-ahead, we'll accurately diagnose the problem, present you with a detailed estimate for parts and labor, and proceed with the necessary repairs.

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When you bring your vehicle to Benchmark Transmission & Auto Care, you'll be greeted with a range of financing options alongside affordable and competitive pricing. Additionally, our services and parts come with a comprehensive warranty, giving you the peace of mind to hit the road with confidence.

Find a Fix For Any Make & Model

At Benchmark Transmission & Auto Care in Newark, Delaware, we provide transmission service for nearly every make and model of vehicle at our top-tier transmission repair shop. If a specific part for your transmission's maintenance or repair isn't in stock, we can quickly source it and have it delivered quickly.

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Peace-of-Mind Warranty

In Newark, Delaware, Benchmark Transmission & Auto Care is synonymous with trust and quality. Our commitment to these values is showcased through our extensive warranty on all our services and parts. This warranty is a testament to the high standards we uphold in every aspect of our work. More than just a local promise, this warranty is honored nationwide, offering you the same level of assurance and support no matter where in the U.S. your travels may lead you. As you explore the roads of New Castle County or venture beyond, Benchmark Transmission & Auto Care's warranty stands as a pledge of our unwavering dedication to your vehicle's care and your complete satisfaction.

Our History Here in Newark

Our location in Newark is renowned for its high-quality service and maintenance for most cars, trucks, and SUVs. That's because we're committed to using original equipment parts whenever possible and only using high–quality aftermarket parts when necessary — and we always operate with the highest standard of workmanship.

Expert Transmission Repair Shop in Newark, DE

If you're looking for industry–leading transmission repair in Newark, DE, look no further than our team here at Benchmark Transmission & Auto Care. Feel free to reach out to our auto shop by phone at 302 368 4900 or by bringing your vehicle right to our shop. You can also schedule your next appointment online with this form.