Wilbur Rivera — Newark DE

Mr. Dante Principe Jr.,Two weeks ago, I took my 98 VW Golf to the Smith VW dealer for a non-transmission related problem. Upon completion of that work, the dealer told me that my 2nd gear on my Automatic Transmission was sticking and that I needed a new transmission. I told them I did not want them to do that type of work on my car. I decided to get it checked out by an expert at Benchmark Transmission before I did any damage.I looked in the Yellow Pages and decided to call your office and get an estimate. You told me that I should bring the car in and allow you check it out at "no charge". You mentioned it could be something simple which would greatly reduce the repair cost. Last week I Brought my car in to your shop in Newark Delaware. You checked the car and found out the programming on the throttle body and the transmission where not responding. I think you relearned these components and you fixed my car. When you called me, you told me that there was no charge for the work you did to my car. As I drove my car home and felt how smoothly the transmission shifted from gear to gear: I immediately started to "thank god" for taking my car to your shop and dealing with you. As I write this note to you, I realized how rare it is to find people like you that are willing to help people in trouble without taking advantage of them and/or expecting anything in return.Sincerely yoursWilber Rivera

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