When Should I Replace My Windshield Wiper Blades?

With all the repetitive back and forth motion across your windshield when driving around the greater Newark & Middletown area during the rainy season it is not wonder wipers get worn out as quickly as they do. Benchmark Transmission & Auto Care recommends that when the loss of clear vision is experienced after approximately 6 months, the windshield wipers should be replaced. You should also replace your wiper blades if seeing clearly during rain or snow is difficult. The replacement of windshield wipers is one of the lowest cost services you can have done to your vehicle to ensure continued safe driving.

Other signs that indicate wiper blades should be replaced include:

  • Hazing or streaking on the windshield during rain or snow.
  • Hearing a chattering sound when wipers are operating. A chattering sound indicates the wipers are not operating as smoothly as they should
  • At higher speeds the windshield blades are being pulled away from the glass instead of fitting snuggly against the windshield
  • The rubber edge of the windshield wiper blade appears worn or torn in places

If you live in the greater Newark & Middletown area and need new windshield wiper blades installed, come by Benchmark Transmission & Auto Care and let one of our friendly team members be of assistance.