Laurie Hall — Jersey City NJ

In the 3 years since we bought our son's '99 Mustang it has had repeated transmission and clutch problems. The car is now in DE with our son who is a student there. When the Mustang recently began showing signs of yet more problems with the transmission/clutch we weren't sure where to turn. Should we have the car towed home to our mechanic in NJ or trust a total stranger in DE to diagnose and fix the problem? If we did the latter, would we get fleeced? Looking for advice we called AAA. They recommended Benchmark Transmission. My son immediately drove his car over to Benchmark. Dante and Rich checked the car over, spoke multiple times with me on the phone about their findings, and ultimately suggested that they try some simple and inexpensive adjustments to see if those might solve the problem. They did. My son picked the car up 24 hours after dropping it off and says it shifts perfectly now. Because the labor involved was not extensive Dante even refused to accept payment for his work/time. Thank you, Dante and Rich, for your honesty, for not suggesting that the only course of action was to pull the transmission and search for the root of the recurrent problem. You have earned our trust not only in your integrity but in your knowledge of transmissions as well. Rest assured that if we should need transmission work in the future, we will trust you to do it.

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